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Welcome to MET Solutions LLC, the premier consultants for upstream automation systems inspection and verification, trusted by operators and contractors for new build design, construction, acceptance, intake, and troubleshooting of drilling vessels.

Services we provide

Operational Testing for Automation Systems

Operational Acceptance Testing is a formal process of verifying that a system or application is ready for production use and meets all requirements.

Equipment Verification & Troubleshooting Services

Our Equipment Inspection & Troubleshooting service provides thorough assessments and problem-solving techniques to ensure optimal performance of your equipment.

Automation System FMECA Consultancy

Our Engineering Design Reviews and FMECA service helps identify potential risks and improve design efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.

HIL Testing for Upstream Automation Systems

Our Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing service simulates real-world scenarios to test complex systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Expanding to Meet New Demands.

MET Solutions LLC Services plans to expand its personnel and develop a three-year plan to meet new demands in vessel preservation and re-activation.

Expanding to Meet New Demands.

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Rig Preservation and New Builds Trend.

MET Solutions LLC Services examines the confluence of factors driving the rise in rig preservation and new builds as offshore conditions fluctuate.

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